Lindsey Ahlert,


As a registered dietitian, I use an approach that focuses on your individual goals for health and sets aside intentional weight loss and dieting.

Minnesota-based, with services in select other states.

Join me for virtual nutrition counseling with a focus on eating with ease, finding joy in food, and personalized goals to support your well being. With a non-diet, weight inclusive approach, we set aside intentional weight loss and restrictive eating to focus on meeting your individual nutrition and health needs.

I love working with clients to reclaim their confidence from disrupted eating. Many things can disrupt our ability to eat with ease: a history of dieting, fatigue from the pressures of “healthy eating”, symptoms from your chronic illness, the struggles of feeding a family, overly busy schedules, and so many more.

We will discuss your history with food and movement, personal challenges, and individual goals. Through our collaborative nutrition counseling sessions, we will explore challenging thoughts and beliefs, busting food myths, and investigating a new mindset. Guided activities and other tools will be selected together and used to increase your confidence and apply the concepts to your real life.

Medical Nutrition Therapy
Individual Nutrition Counseling

Intuitive Eating

As a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, I look forward to helping you rebuild trust in your body, relearn your body’s cues, and embrace relaxed & joyful eating. This is a great option if you’re looking to free yourself from a history of dieting, disordered eating, or a preoccupation with weight.

Chronic Illness

As someone who lives alongside a chronic illness, I know firsthand the impact your condition (and treatments!) can have on your nutrition, appetite, digestion, and body. Let’s create a roadmap for navigating these challenges that fits your life.

General Nutrition

Whether your goals are to support your heart health, increase the variety of foods in your rotation, or feel good on your active adventures, I look forward to creating a custom-fit nutrition strategy for you.

Family Feeding

Feeding a family with people of different ages, needs, and preferences is hard! From pregnancy & lactation to teens, let’s make a plan that works for your family.


Initial Session

60-minute virtual session using a HIPPA-compliant platform.

  • Onboarding paperwork and assistance.
  • Customized nutrition assessment.
  • Review of your health and nutrition goals.
  • Personalized recommendations and collaborative nutrition roadmap.


Follow-up Session

50-minute virtual session using a HIPPA-compliant platform.

Personalized follow-up to:

  • Celebrate successes!
  • Troubleshoot any barriers or challenges.
  • Adjust your nutrition strategy to meet your needs and preferences.

$120 OR
3-session bundle for $99 each

Your FSA or HSA funds are often eligible to be used for dietitian services. Check your benefits to confirm coverage.

A “superbill” or receipt for out-of-network services is available for each appointment.


Still on the fence? Have questions? Want to learn more? Ready to get started? Let’s chat about your goals and see if my services are good fit for you.

Book a 15-minute phone call or video chat.

For additional openings, please reach out by email and I’m happy to offer you more options.